Welcome to a fresh fact in the real estate industry.  



We believe that our real estate agents are the lifeline of our business. Our partnerships are based on trust and total commitment to achieving great results. 


THE DIFFERENCE? Remarkable Support, Great Location, Marketing Tools that Get Results, Teamwork, Giving Back to our Community and Management that Truly Cares About Your Success. 


Take your career to the next level.  


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Since our formation in 2005, ERG has established a wide spread recognition in the real estate industry along with countless successful transactions. 



ERG accredits their success to the remarkable support in assisting their agents to achieve the goals set forth by ERG. These goals include providing great service, open lines of communication, industry knowledge and advice for each transaction to our agents as well as our clients. As the world advances at rapid speeds in technology so does ERG. We strive to equip our agents with knowledge and training of all technical industry products as well as assisting them to develop a paperless business. 

What makes us unique is our agents.  We welcome each new addition to our team.  Our agents are ready to help, give ideas and participate in meetings and open brainstorms.  They also have the power to work on their business on their terms, using what has worked for them in the past now.  This is a definite plus, not having to get permission from a corporation that could take days, or weeks.



Most importantly, ERG believes it is vital to give back to the community and is committed to donate money to the DuPage PADS organization for every closing.